4 Ways That Technology Is Making Expos More Interactive, Immersive and Fun

Until recently, Expos were mostly about knowledge building Using Technology to make Expos more Interactive.and networking. This however, is changing. Today people are visiting Expos with a new objective in mind – to gain unique experiences. To meet this trend, organizations who exhibit are embracing technology with the aim of making expos more interactive, immersive, and fun. Exhibitors are increasingly using virtual and augmented reality tools to attract people to their booth. Technology is also being used to capture leads, educate, entertain and engage visitors more actively.

A recent survey of Expo participants revealed that exhibits using augmented reality are perceived as having a 33% greater value than those using more traditional means of exhibiting. Plus, prospects are more likely to buy when they are able to interact with a product via augmented reality—in fact, the likelihood of a purchase increases 135%.1 Exhibitors have fast realized this and are embracing virtual and augmented reality tools to bring graphics to life and give users control over how they interact with the brand.

Using Virtual Reality to create a memorable experience at Expos.Virtual and augmented reality (AR) tools and platforms are now being used to create a memorable, interactive experience for attendees (especially Gen X & Y) – one that they’ll want to talk about and share with their groups. Very often, it becomes difficult for brands to showcase their entire product range or they may have products which are simply too big to accommodate in the limited space available.  Augmented reality enables brands to demonstrate their products in a more interactive manner.  It allows visitors to turn, zoom, move, and manipulate the product to show all of its intricate details.  Technology also makes it possible to simulate animated 3D models and allows visitors to actually experience the product for themselves. This engages customers more deeply and makes them feel invested in the brand. Read our blog post on engaging tech savvy visitors at your booth here.

Another area where technology is being used effectively is on the creation of marketing collaterals. According to Global Experience Specialists, 75% of expo brochures and product pamphlets end up in the garbage.2 Given this challenge, exhibitors are turning to technology and use Augmented Reality to tackle this issue. Smartphones or tablet devices are being used to allow visitors to carry away, re-experience and share important brand information post the show. Marketing asset management feature in Dazzletoday helps you manage your marketing collaterals seamlessly. Check out the feature here.


Technology is also being used very effectively for lead retrieval and follow-ups. Where until a few years back exhibitors were collecting business cards and paper leads in a fishbowl, today they are collecting leads via mobile devices and touch screen interactive monitors. Some are even using their own proprietary programs or off the shelf applications that integrate with their CRM systems.


Lastly, exhibitors used cost savings apps and tools to make coordinating the expos, budgeting and inventory checking simpler and more effective. Today, technology is rapidly permeating and transforming every aspect of the Expo experience, and will allow brands to tell their stories in ways that are far more immersive and intuitive than what was earlier possible. To learn how Dazzletoday could help you achieve all of these, click here.



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