5 Tips to take the Pain out of planning your Expo participation

Expos provide a powerful platform for meeting prospects, reaching customers and strengthening brand identity. However, participating in an Expo doesn’t mean simply displaying products and services. The success or failure of Expos depends on how much planning goes into it. Very often, important marketing planning gets overshadowed by urgent logistics planning, when ideally the two aspects need simultaneous attention.

Here are 5 things to keep in mind when planning  your Expo strategy.

Set clear objectives for participation by establishing meaningful and measurable objectives and budgets – including an evaluation of the brand’Trade Show plannings overall marketing plan. Review marketing tactics used in the past and have a clear understanding of how participation will help increase visibility and eventually sales. If exhibiting at an Expo makes sense in this context, it’s worth the expense. Setting objectives based on the overall marketing plan ensures that focus is maintained during the design, implementation and evaluation stages and planning your tradeshowcan help determine ROI.

Ensure detailed check-list and timelines are in place as there’s lots to keep track of when planning an Expo. The simplest method to ensure preparedness is to use a checklist. Set clear timelines to manage important dates; this ensures that the smallest details are taken care of and crucial deadlines are met. To download a detailed Expo participation checklist, click here.

Target high-value visitors before the show as the key reason of exhibiting at Expos is to generate sales leads.  Therefore it is critical to have a focuPlanning your Trade showsed strategy for communicating with, and engaging leads. Line-up important contacts, old leads and current customers and make appointments to meet them before the event begins. Obtaining a list of the previous years’ attendees and sending in pre-show mailers helps increase chances of attendees stopping by.

Plan to attract and engage customers by investing in an attractive display booth. Ensure that the design of the booth, information sharedPlanning your Trade show and gifts given away drive home the brands value proposition and competitive advantage. In addition to eye-catching display, a well-staffed booth is an added advantage. Most attendees use peripheral vision to size-up booths, typically from the safety of the aisle while avoiding eye contact with exhibitors. Gently engage them with a non-threatening approach – this is where well-trained staff proves to be invaluable.

Continue to engage customers post-show to maintain momentum built during the show. Ensure top-of-mind recall by engaging customers withiTrade Show planningn two weeks of the end of the show. Develop a communication plan before the show so you’re ready to keep the conversation going. According to a Pardot study, businesses that use personalized messages see a 19% increase in sales*.  Therefore use information collected during the show to personalize follow-up communication

From visibility to credibility, exhibiting at an Expo has numerous benefits. Use the 5 tips given above to make the most of the opportunity provided by Expos to forge new customer relationships, deepen those that exist—and drive an ongoing conversation about your brand.

*Source: https://www.capstrat.com/posts/best-practices-trade-show-follow-/


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