7 things I learned from Event Profs to achieve a successful post Expo follow-up campaign

As a promoter of an expo app, I have the privilege of visiting many Expos. During many such visits, I have had a chance to pick the brains of some of the best event profs across various industries.

While showcasing the expo app, most of my interactions happen with the Sales and Marketing guys. While I try to pick ideas on various activities related to Expos, one of the most burning question, ‘How to make the most of all your interactions from the Expo’ is often asked by Sales and Marketing people. It is a no-brainer that your expo participation can only be considered successful if the prospects that came visiting your booth are converted into customers down the line. An effective follow-up campaign is required to make sure that the prospects don’t fade away into oblivion.

With this question in mind, I have been doing my own little research on what constitutes a ‘Successful post expo follow-up’. To this effect, I have pursued answers from many seasoned Expo Exhibitors to compile a list of ‘must-dos’ post expo participation.

So here is a small list of ‘things-to-do’ to make your post Expo follow-up campaign a hit.

Note: Before you continue reading, take note that grading your prospects right at your booth will give you a better clarity on which of the below media would be better suited to which of the prospects.


1. Send personalized emails to your booth visitors based on your conversation.

Personalized emails give a personal touch to your communication with the prospects. Also, it makes sense to write emails to your prospects based on your conversations with them rather than sending a bulk ‘Thank You for visiting’ mail to everyone. Personalized emails will ensure that the prospect remembers the conversation he had with you and keeps you in mind when he is ready to make the purchase decision.

Send Personalized emails to booth visitors


To learn more about sending personalized emails, click here.


2. Connect with your booth visitors on Social media.Connect with your booth visitors on Social Media

The world is on Social media and don’t be the one to miss out. Social media is a great way to connect with your prospects and also to get to know them on a more personal level. By connecting with them on social media, you would have a deeper understanding of their needs and wants.

Yet another way of using Social media post an Expo is to start conversations about the questions that you were asked at the Expo on relevant LinkedIn groups. Interacting with people who have questions for you would also give you a better understanding on the needs of your buyer persona.


3. Write a blog post about the show experience.

A post Expo Make Handshakes at Trade Show more meaningfulblog post is a great way to showcase your product offerings to a wider audience. You may want to include pics taken at the Expo in your blog post. A video with visitors bustling at your Expo booth would be even better. You might also want to write dedicated blog posts addressing any questions that you might be asked at the Expo. This way, you will ensure that the content you publish is truly relevant to your buyer personas.

Inviting industry experts who attended the Expo to write a guest blog would be a great idea to attract new visitors to your site. This way, the visitors would stay in the loop and make your content more sharable.


4. Set up a lead nurturing campaign that helps qualify and group leads according to their needs and interests.Trade Show Leads

Let’s face it. Not everyone who comes visiting to your Expo booth is ready to purchase your product offering right away. It is your responsibility to understand at what phase of the buying cycle the visitor is in. Based on the phase of your visitor’s buying cycle, you need to guide/assist the visitor in his journey of making the purchase decision.

There are many lead nurturing tools available in the market that will help you to set-up such lead nurturing campaigns. To learn more about setting up a lead nurturing campaign post an Expo, click here.


5. Don’t forget to take pictures, videos at the Expo.

A picture speaks a thousand words and a video (running at 24 frames per second) can speak millions of words at a time. The point is, pictures and videos are a great way of engaging with your audience. The pictures and videos thus taken could be shared on Social media and also can be used in a blog post (see point number 3 above).

If possible, you can also try to record a customer testimonial at the Expo which would give authenticity to your claims on your product/service.

Trade Show buzz



6. Follow-up calls to only those who might be ready to make the buying decision.

Although not all the visitors to your booth will be ready to make the purchase decision, there will be a few who would be close to making that decision. All they need is a little nudge. Make sure you give them a call and try to iron out any concerns/doubts they might have related to your product.

Answering queries


7. Don’t be afraid to give referrals and to ask for referrals from your new found contacbannernewts.

Expos are all about networking and making new contacts so as to have a good amount of qualified leads in your sales pipeline. With this understanding in mind, it would not hurt to ask for referrals form the visitors who come visiting your booth. But remember that this is a 2-way process and would work only if you pay back in kind and give referrals to your visitors.


Many first-timers or inexperienced Exhibitors often fail to make the most out of their Expo participation owing to insufficient pre-Expo planning and/or inadequate follow-up post Expos. A few simple tips might help them get their Expo participation on track.

If you have any tips or activities that have worked for you in your post Expo engagement campaigns, do share your experience in the comments section. Would love to hear from you.