A Handy Guide To Heighten Post Expo Engagement

Expos are about nurturing existing customer relationships, creating awareness and generating leads to create new relationships in a dynamic, high-energy environment. It is important to leverage this energy and the new connections made even after the exhibition closes down. According to the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR), 80% of expo leads receive no follow up at all, which is why having a good follow up plan is imperative. A follow-up campaign is one designed to address this ignored 80 percent apart from show attendees who were not able to attend; also to ensure that no potentially qualified leads fall through the cracks. Given below is simple post-show action guide designed to deliver an effective follow-up campaign an improve post Expo engagement.

Post Trade Show Engagement Develop a focused communication plan before the show so it’s easier to keep the conversation going. Create an information bank and schedule regular customer communication over a 3 month period. It’s much better to continue a conversation than to rekindle one that has died out. Maintain the momentum built during the show and keep the brand top of mind by contacting customers within two weeks of the end of the show.

Set up a lead nurturing campaign that helps qualify and group leads according to their interests and needs. Instruct employees managing the booth and those coordinating events on how leads are to be captured. Keep in mind that the follow-up process starts on the show floor with making sure the leads are organized and qualified correctly. Consider a marketing automation tool that will help track, score and prioritize leads and take some of the burden off sales. This will help determine which prospects are worth pursuing and will help the sales team save a lot of time during follow-ups.


Make customers feel special by personalizing communications. According to a study, businesses that use personalized messages see a 19% increase in sales. Customizing follow-up communications, tailored to attendees, who they are and what they are interested in, makes sense. It demonstrates to attendees that the exhibitor was listening.

Trade Show Lead Management

According to a study by Experian, personalized promotional e-mails had a 29% higher unique open rate and 41% higher unique click rates. Additionally, personalized subject lines delivered 26% higher unique open rates. Communication can also be made personal with one-to-one connections via social platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn. Sharing post Expo content like photo-graphs, product information and industry statistics on the official blog, social media channels and website also heightens engagement.

Make sure follow-up communication includes valuable information and is more than a thank you for visiting the booth. Take communication one step farther by making follow-ups personally relevant by sending nuggets of communication that will be useful for customers. If you know a set of customers attended a specific presentation in the booth, send a more targeted communication on that topic.

Post event reporting and follow-up are a crucial a part of your business development success. With focused strategizing and planning, expo efforts can get the buzz and results envision.


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