7 things I learned from Event Profs to achieve a successful post Expo follow-up campaign

Post Trade Show Campaigns

As a promoter of an expo app, I have the privilege of visiting many Expos. During many such visits, I have had a chance to pick the brains of some of the best event profs across various industries. While showcasing the expo app, most of my interactions happen with the Sales and Marketing guys. While […]

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Networking at Expos key to strengthening Business Relationships

Networking at Trade Shows

Increasingly, face-to-face exchanges and networking is becoming of greater significance at expos in spite of the growing popularity of online communication and virtual events. Studies reveal that though virtual events and other technologies are growing popular, few marketing methods can compete with the potential of expos. By combining exposure to prospective leads with the ability […]

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Nurturing relationships essential for B2B sales success

B2B Sales success

Question business-to-business (B2B) companies on what they do, and most would tell you that they provide products and services to other companies, and that doing this at the lowest possible price is key to success. This is true. Quality service and products at a reasonable price is a basic component of B2B companies.* However, this strategy cannot be […]

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Engaging International Expo Visitors: Important Tips

Engaging International Trade Show Visitors

As the world shrinks and global trade becomes commonplace, more people are traveling across borders to attend Expos and transact business. A report from CEIR threw up an interesting statistic – 78% visitors travel over 400 miles to attend Expos. However, understanding nuances of business and interpersonal protocol can be daunting as many exhibitors are […]

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