Shave off as much as 15% from Expo budgets with these smart tips

Trade Show Budgets

In an increasingly competitive business environment organizations are constantly looking for smart ways to stretch Expo budgets, without jeopardizing performance. Marketers make continual efforts to create better engagement and drive sales without having to spend big money. Making small changes to Expo budgeting will not only help save costs but also deliver a sizeable return on investment. […]

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5 Tips to take the Pain out of planning your Expo participation

planning your tradeshow

Expos provide a powerful platform for meeting prospects, reaching customers and strengthening brand identity. However, participating in an Expo doesn’t mean simply displaying products and services. The success or failure of Expos depends on how much planning goes into it. Very often, important marketing planning gets overshadowed by urgent logistics planning, when ideally the two aspects need simultaneous attention. […]

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Easy Ways To ‘Green’ Your Expo Exhibit

Trade Show Exhibits

Expos are a must-seize marketing opportunity. Unfortunately it is also considered the second most unsustainable industry in the world – generating 600,000 tons of waste every year*. Marketing collateral often go unread. Add to this large carbon footprints created due to air travel and the colossal use of electricity. Thankfully, there has been a definite […]

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Use Apps to Increase Expo Engagement

App to increase Trade Show Engagement

Technology has changed the way Expos are managed and perceived today. Apps have helped Expos develop greater engagement by making delegates more central to proceedings, empowering them, and enhancing their event experience. Specialized Expo apps like Dazzletoday are increasingly becoming important as they enable personalised digital interaction with customers. They influence how attendees are attracted […]

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Is participating in an Expo really worth the Effort?

Participate in Trade shows

As the world moves to the internet to do business, people have begun questioning the effectiveness of Expos in today’s marketing toolkit.  As more and more business and networking happens online, marketers may ask ‘Why spend big bucks and participate in Expos?’ Expos are a powerful marketing tool that brings together buyers and sellers in […]

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