Common Expo Myths dispelled

Over the past few years, expos have seen a transformation and as they evolved so did the myths about their effectiveness. Given below are some of the more commonly held myths and facts that help disprove them. Expo Management is far simpler then it is let on to be

  • MYTH # Expos are dead – No one attends anymore.

In an age when almost everything has gone digital, doubts have been raised about the effectiveness of expos. Let’s start by dispelling this myth. Expos are not a dying medium. In fact, research by the Center for Exhibition Industry has revealed that the past few years have seen the highest growth for the industry which continues to witness consistent participation and attendance.

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Source – CEIR: Quarterly Index for Overall Exhibition Industry, Year-on-Year Growth, 2011- 2015.

  • MYTH # Expos are expensive and an unnecessary drain on marketing budgets

While there is some truth to the fact that expos are an expensive marketing medium, it is also perhaps the only channel that offers face-to-face interactions with customers for much less than the cost of direct selling. Interestingly, according to Social Fresh, 67% of B2B marketers consider expos to be their most valuable marketing tool.

MYTH # Expos take too much effort and time to plan

Marketers are always under pressure with little time to dedicate to planning and preparing for expos. Finding easy -to-use solution on tight budgets can seem impossible. Thankfully, there are easy to use apps that make planning and executing expos simpler. Apps like Dazzletoday with its intuitive, simple user interface lets marketers plan and prepare for expos without IT support, specialized skills or training. With apps exhibitors can reduce costs, increase profitability and take the pain out of coordinating expos by managing the entire process in one seamless workflow.Trade Show Management

  • MYTH # A product launch is enough to get engage audiences and grab attention

Not True. Once the initial excitement of checking out a new product wears off, booth traffic will start to fall off. Do not rely on just new products to attract people. Have a comprehensive communication strategy in place and use marketing medium like online and on-site gimmicks to drawn people in.

  • MYTH # Send whoever is available to manage the booth.

Booth staffing needs careful attention. It is imperative to train those who are selected to manage the booth so that they are well-acquainted with the company and producTrade Show Managementt on display. Not everyone has the temperament, knowledge, or discipline for an expo. Typically, those with previous experience of dealing with customers and managing people are a good choice. It doesn’t matter which department they belong to, what matters is attitude and knowledge.

Expos are places where people collaborate, exchange ideas and find new ways to profitability. Once commonly held misconceptions are dispelled, Expos can be seen for what they truly are – a great channel to better business opportunity and growth.

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