Email marketing tips to boost your Expo Footfalls

As a marketer of an expo App, I have attended numerous expos and have interacted with various expo professionals. One question that I often keep getting asked is whether “e-mail marketing is of any relevance to my booth presence and success at expos?”

E-mails are the default business interaction channel today. Almost everyone ends their conversation after a business meeting or expo booth interaction with “E-mail me the details” or “I will sure e-mail you the quote”. Hence the answer here is a no brainer.

However, did you also know that E-mail marketing is one of the best marketing channels to connect with your prospects / clients and offers one of the highest ROI’s out of all the channels whether they are digital and old-school.

No wonder all the #eventprofs want to make use of the latest trends and techniques in E-mail marketing to get the most out of their E-mail marketing campaigns.

The below infographic highlights some salient tips on making the most out of the E-mails:  Before, During and After an expo.

Email Marketing Infographic

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