Effective online lead generation tactics

One of thOnline Lead Generatione most important keys to a successful business is the generation of new sales leads. However, online lead generation is often gruelingly challenging and intimidating for most. In a recent study conducted by IDG, 61 percentage of marketers reported that generating high quality leads was problematic for their organization. Clearly, this is an issue that most businesses struggle with. If the business does not actively attract leads it will, sooner or later, lead to an inevitable negative impact on sales. Conversely, companies that focus on developing and implementing lead generation campaigns are already a step ahead.
Online Lead Generation

Executing a well-planned lead generation campaign takes time and buy-in from multiple stake holders. The typical lead generation process starts with identifying, nurturing and qualifying prospects, culminating in a request for proposal. Once a lead shows interest, sales teams must close the deal through need analysis, education and building trust. An effective lead generation program increases the sales forces’ productivity and efficiency by identifying potential buyers and giving the sales team the tools to turn prospects into customers and close the sale.

The key factors in optimizing quality lead generation is defining the brand, explaining products and services and establishing personal relationships with customers. In order to generate leads and pop-up in customer searches it is important that the business be visible to prospects who are inquiring and shopping about in the market.

While Trade Shows are incomparable when it comes to generating new leads, creating and sharing the right kind of content can also drive leads. If you want your message heard through more than one channel, it’s important to establish a strategy that creates demand, which is what online lead generation strives to do. Creating compelling content and using that content to convert audiences into leads is increasingly becoming a key method of lead generatOnline Lead Generationion.

Relevant content shared in a timely manner can improve brand recall and drive the right kind of action. This is why 62 percent of marketers today have blogs and use branded content to attract the right audience who will eventually buy their product. In addition to blogs social media platforms like facebook have become key tools for lead generation. With over 1 billion monthly active users, Facebook is rated among the best platforms for promoting brands. Online contests help build engagement with target audiences and funnel them towards business.Online Lead Generation

Another interesting tool for lead generation is white-paper, which according to Frost & Sullivan (a leading market research firm) are rated highly for their effectiveness.  Research shows that 86 percent of respondents believe that white-papers had positively influenced their purchase/decision* Marketing automation software can play an important role in monitoring, scoring and nurturing prospects that download white-papers sent via emails.

Finally, the best trade show lead generation programs have calculated follow-up and measurement strategies planned in advance. Ideally, lead generation campaigns should be able to rate the quality of leads generated from various channels and track the rate of conversions.

*Source: https://www.digifloor.com/effective-ways-to-promote-white-paper-for-b2b-lead-generation-29


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