IEE Expo 2016: Our experience visiting the Expo

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Almost half of India’s population (about 750 million) is expected to reside in urban areas by the year 2035. This would vastly increase the need for high rises and with that, boost demand for elevators and escalators. The industry which is about to touch 1,00,000 units per year in the next five years, sees India as a major upcoming market.Trade Show sales

The positive outlook of the industry about India was evident at the expo with the who’s who of the elevator and escalator industry from across the world setting up their exhibition stalls.

Currently in its 6th edition, the IEE Expo has grown leaps and bounds in the past few years and is currently the 4th largest elevator and escalator Expo in the world.

The expo was attended by who’s who of the Industry. Even Chief Minister of Maharashtra made a brief appearance.

Some expo experiences shared by Exhibitors with Dazzletoday

Many exhibitors confessed that they have no clue on what would be the right timeline to start preparing for an expo. AsTrade Show Marketing a result, they are often half prepared when they are at the expo. This results in them missing out on a whole lot of opportunities resulting in a less than optimal ROI on the expo.

Post expo follow ups is also a big point of pain for many as the marketing and sales representatives who attend the expo are too exhausted to do a thorough job out of it. Some simple tips on post expo follow-up emails can go a long way in converting a prospect to a lead.

You can also read our Blog post on setting up pre-expo meetings and firing bulk mailers to invite prospects to your booth.

Trade Show planningOtis was one of the major exhibitors at the Expo and it surely attracted eyeballs with this beautifully designed booth.

Takeaways and Learnings from IEE Expo 2016

On broad terms, it was generally agreed that an exhaustive Expo planner that can cover a range of activities from Pre Expo planning up to post expo follow-ups is the need of the hour for Exhibitors. It was at this point in conversation where many of the exhibitors where shown a brief demo of the Dazzletoday App. The demo was well received with many of the exhibitors requesting for a trail account.

To get your trial account, register here for a free 30-day trial.




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