Plan Post Expo Campaigns well before the Show

Most marketers heave a sigh of relief once the chaos of the expo is over, little realizing that the real work starts after the show ends –when the post expo campaigns commence. A carefully planned post-show strategy is critical for ensuring that momentum created at the show is maintained. The strategy should specify tools needed to achieve better engagement such as communication templates, mailers, brochures and call scripts. This ensures that the campaign can be kicked off as soon as the show ends.Post Trade Show Campaigns

To ensure that leads stay engaged follow up promptly – within 3-4 business days of the show. Leads are one of the main reasons companies participate in Expos and marketers need to ensure follow-ups as a standard part of the planning process. Interestingly, a study revealed that 98% of sales conversions happen within 28 days of a show and 65% of those happen within the first two weeks.* Follow-ups should ideally also extend to even those who were unable to attend – ensuring that potentially qualified leads don’t fall through the cracks.

Lead qualifying and nurturing are an important part of an effective post-show strategy. Keep leads engaged with relevant information throuPost Trade Show Campaigns gh well thought-out drip campaigns. Consider a triggered program of 2-3 emails in the days following the show offering varying types of informational content so that prospects stay engaged. Begin with an introductory email reinforcing the meeting at the show. Reiterate the brands’ value proposition and share relevant information like product demo videos, interesting blog posts, white-papers and case studies. Make the call to action specific by providing prospects with specific, tangible options for engaging with the brand like “download free white paper,” or “request a personal demo.”

Social media is another effective platform to nurture new connections and stay engaged, especially if you met someone but didn’t make any real plans to follow up. Invite them to connect on LinkedIn, with a personalized invitation that has a reminder of how you met. Additionally, continue to take advantage of the momentum built at the Expo through media interactions. This could mean releasing a post-show press note highlighting the brands participation and success and reiterating details about products and services available – media content could also include show videos and demos.Post Trade Show Campaigns

Lastly, pull the team together for a comprehensive debrief session immediately after the Expo ends – while details are fresh in everyone’s mind. Measure attendance metrics against a list of those invited prospects who attended, and those that did not turn up. Identify what worked well and list down issues that cropped up during the show. This is also the best time to emphasise details of the follow -up campaign and set expectations.

A properly planned post show campaign will ensure better recall, brand engagement and sales. Taking time to plan the post-show campaign well in advance will help push up ROI and ensure that the brand stays top-of-mind for customers.



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