Post Expo engagement: Building better relationships

In today’s business culture, having an online presence and knowing how to reach customers online isn’t an option; it’s a necessity. This holds especially true in the expos space; for every visitor who attends an expo there are many just like them who are unable or unwilling to Post tradeshow engagementcome. They may choose instead, to tap into the internet, mine for information and network from behind their desks. Exhibitors and brands are cognizant of this development and are increasingly building communities where attendees can continue to network with peers and industry associates long after the Expo ends.

Exhibitors need a strong strategy to engage prospects and draw them out of the aisle and into their booth.  Social media enables businesses to stay in contact with suppliers, partners and customers more easily than ever before. The true merit of the internet lies in the fact that it allows two way communications between businesses and audiences. This offers an unprecedented opportunity to engage in one-on-one conversations with customers.

Start conversations on social media a few weeks before the expo begins. A good point to begin would be to prominently announce participation at the Expo – this helps capture interest of customers who may have missed e-mail or direct marketing messages and, may even garner interest from prospects who were not even aware of the upcoming show.

Once the Expo commences, use QR codes to share product and service information to prospects directly making it easier for them to study the material at their own pace. Also use social media to update customers and prospects on developments at the booth. Make live updates – use photographs, tweets and videos on platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. If participating as a pane
list or speaker at the conference, take a video of it to share later.Post Trade Show Engagement

Post-show continue actively engaging audiences by creating and posting newsworthy content via blog posts or YouTube videos. If a picture tells a thousand words, then with 30 frames a second, a 1-minute YouTube video can tell 108,000 words! Compelling content is bound to go viral. Include social media share buttons on the landing page to encourage others to promote the content through their own networks.

Create teaser campaigns that consist of small capsules of interesting information at regular intervals to pique interest and keep engagement alive. Make the information relevant and interesting so that it incentivizes people to share the posts with their immediate network. This magnifies and enhances the reach of the content to a much larger audience.

By creating information that others want to share, businesses can extend their presence beyond the confines of the Expo booth and to create a virtual post-show presence by keep conversations alive for people who missed the show. Clever use of social media can play an important role in the exhibit strategy beyond just marketing and can keep alive the Expo experience.

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