Secrets to Convert Expo Leads Into Sales

Lead management and conversion are often cited as one of the key reasons for participation at expos. Interestingly however, as per a CEIR estimate only 10% of qualified leads get converted to sales, while 90% just fall by the way side. Yet another common misconception is that sales are made at the show itself, but in fact more convert expo Leads after the show. While this can be true, most attendees shop around before making purchase decisions. If you don’t start driving traffic to your brand before the show, you’re at a disadvantage from the beginning.  It is therefore critical that a well thought out strategy is put in place well before the expo actually opens to visitors to ensure successful lead generation and sales. convert trade show leads

Create an innovative and customized marketing campaign. While developing the messaging, do keep in mind that customers have unique needs and budgets. Look at ways to segment target audiences by studying demographics and characteristics that are unique. Thereafter, ensure that emails, direct mailers and other communication are personalised to reflect a deep understanding of individual customer needs. It also helps to always provide a call-to-action in all communication. As an example, provide a link to a unique landing page on the corporate website and include content that’s relevant to the message or offer communicated.

convert tradeshow leadsAt the Expo, engage potential super users as quickly as possible. Watch for customers who are enthused about the product or service on display and keenly ask questions. Actively engage with these visitors and put them at the very top of the list for following up. Individuals who get excited about your product and service can be converted into evangelists who can spread information through word of mouth to their networks and provide valuable feedback for improvement.

Be realistic about the number of people required to staff the booth. If visitors are kept convert trade show leadswaiting too long, they will move on and a great opportunity to engage with them could be lost. Empower booth staffers with accurate, up to date information on the products and services on offer so that they are able to add value to their interactions. Doing so will help them to qualify and capture relevant leads.

Leveraging lead generation technology makes capturing leads easy. Instead of collecting tons of business cards that could get misplaced or relying on handwriting, use lead capture technology to record information needed to get in touch with potential customers after the show.  Contact qualified leads within 48-hours of the show ending. Contacting prospects by phone first is a great way to continue your connection, unless they have specified that they would rather be contacted via email or another medium. Lastly, aligning sales and marketing can provide relevant, timely messages to prospects at every stage of the buying cycle and ensure that leads are effectively converted into sales. Eventually, that is what participation in Expos is all about – to identify qualified people and lead them to some sort of conversion.

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