Simple Tips on How To Engage Tech-savvy Visitors at Expos

Engage Exhibition VisitorsWe live in a world where technology is evolving at a fast pace and continually advancing. Using technology to create an inviting expo booth is important today to stay relevant, draw in visitors and make them linger!

Use Social Media actively to reach out to and communicate with audiences. A staggering majority of people own smart-phones today and use social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and blogs to stay updated with what’s trending. Ensure your brand is present and seen.

Put up large screens instead of banners as they are more visually appealing and more comfortable for tech savvy visitors. Custom-built displays are things of the past and businesses are using minimal displays with high-tech lighting and large screens to communicate messages that can be easily changed.

Interactive technology is now what draws people into the booth and promotes conversation. Touchscreens allow customers to explore what the brand has to offer and answers questions and provides information about product and services.

Geofencing enables brands to set a perimeter fence around expo booths and sends SMS messages when visitors cross the fence. This helps direct customers to the booth and also ensures that the brand maintains top of mind awareness which is critical in a crowded expo environment. Engage Trade Show Visitor

Customized apps developed for expos is a great way to engage existing customers before, during,  and after the event. Offer information and interactive presentations via smart-phones, which will allow attendees to play with the application long after the exhibition has packed up. Additionally, use event apps for smoother expo coordination. Apps like DazzleToday to simplify planning, lead capturing and communication with customers.

Holograms allow brands to create transparent displays that truly bring products to life and draw attention from hundreds of feet away. It helps increase customer engagement through better understanding of the product and adds a “wow factor to the booth.

Make creative use of 3D printers that create on-demand, customized prototypes for visitors to take back to their workplace. This will help generate buzz and drive sales.

Go green by using technology like QR codes which visitors can scan on smart-phones. The QR codes, once captured can lead visitors to websites providing relevant information. This is better than printing bulky brochures, costs less, and cuts down on wastage.

 Engage Trade Show VisitorsCreate a tech lounge which will lure visitors in with tech services and convenience like free high-speed wifi access and charging ports. If a booth incorporates a charging station along with an interactive display, attendees can come to get phones charged and booth managers can use this opportunity to drawn in customers and engage with them.

Think creatively when considering which of these technology solutions to integrate into the next expo. Stay alert to new technology launches and industry trends and how they impact the brand. Evaluate how effectively these can be used in a high energy expo environment, and chart your course accordingly.


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