Everything you wanted to know about coordinating Expos but were hesitant to ask – Part 1

Coordinating Trade Shows

Experienced marketers often complain about the chaos that precedes a show so it’s understandable when first time marketers say that coordinating a Trade Show is daunting and bewildering. For all those who feel lost, here’s a list of everything you always wanted to know about coordinating Trade Shows but were afraid to ask. How do I choose which show to participate in? Research short-listed […]

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The Secret To Choosing A Perfect Partner For Booth Design

Booth Design Tips

Designing expo booths is an art that transforms a brand into a three-dimensional experience that engages visitors. The booth should be designed to attract attention in a matter of seconds while persuasively communicating the brands’ message. Sometimes choosing a partner or service provider is as simple as asking a friend who they use in their […]

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