4 Ways That Technology Is Making Expos More Interactive, Immersive and Fun

Using Virtual Reality to create a memorable experience at Expos.

Until recently, Expos were mostly about knowledge building and networking. This however, is changing. Today people are visiting Expos with a new objective in mind – to gain unique experiences. To meet this trend, organizations who exhibit are embracing technology with the aim of making expos more interactive, immersive, and fun. Exhibitors are increasingly using virtual […]

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Everything you always wanted to know about Expos but were afraid to ask – Part II


Coordinating participation in an Expo can be challenging for first timers. Given the many tiny details that marketers need to keep track of, Expos can often be difficult to pull together. Given below is the second part of a compilation of questions asked by newbies and responses put together by experienced hands in the business. […]

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5 Tips to take the Pain out of planning your Expo participation

planning your tradeshow

Expos provide a powerful platform for meeting prospects, reaching customers and strengthening brand identity. However, participating in an Expo doesn’t mean simply displaying products and services. The success or failure of Expos depends on how much planning goes into it. Very often, important marketing planning gets overshadowed by urgent logistics planning, when ideally the two aspects need simultaneous attention. […]

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Exhibition booth display trends to watch for in 2016

Trade Show Booth Display

Expo booth displays have evolved over time, from simple booths to technologically powered lounges. Today organizations are investing heavily in sophisticated booth displays that convey targeted brand messaging. Here’s a quick look at the latest trends in this space.  Technology is changing the way people communicate on the show floor. Today technology enables the creation […]

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