Email marketing tips to boost your Expo Footfalls

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As a marketer of an expo App, I have attended numerous expos and have interacted with various expo professionals. One question that I often keep getting asked is whether “e-mail marketing is of any relevance to my booth presence and success at expos?” E-mails are the default business interaction channel today. Almost everyone ends their […]

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Lead Capture Basics: Tips To Avoid Losing Leads At The Booth

Lead Capture Software

Lead generation has become an important strategy for modern marketers, as they strive to create demand and get their messages heard by increasingly sophisticated, multi-channel buyers. An astounding 99%* of marketers feel that expos, offer a unique value proposition in allowing businesses to build brand awareness, generate leads and develop industry relationships. However, these events […]

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Face to face Marketing: Best Practices for Expo Promotions

Relationship building trade shows

B2b marketers have traditionally allocated most of their marketing budgets to expos. It used to be the only way for prospects to get a really good look at the new products available. During those times all our business transactions were conducted face-to-face. Depending on the type of transaction, a lot of those encounters would end […]

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