Everything you wanted to know about coordinating Expos but were hesitant to ask – Part 1

Coordinating Trade Shows

Experienced marketers often complain about the chaos that precedes a show so it’s understandable when first time marketers say that coordinating a Trade Show is daunting and bewildering. For all those who feel lost, here’s a list of everything you always wanted to know about coordinating Trade Shows but were afraid to ask. How do I choose which show to participate in? Research short-listed […]

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Exhibition booth display trends to watch for in 2016

Trade Show Booth Display

Expo booth displays have evolved over time, from simple booths to technologically powered lounges. Today organizations are investing heavily in sophisticated booth displays that convey targeted brand messaging. Here’s a quick look at the latest trends in this space.  Technology is changing the way people communicate on the show floor. Today technology enables the creation […]

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Empowering Booth Staff To Succeed At Expos

Trade Show Booth Staff

Expos are a great platform to reach new customers and build long term relationships in the shortest time frame compared with every day business. Research shows that the number one influence on attendee conversion at an expo is how they interact with booth staff. During Expos, booth representatives carry the responsibility for pre-qualifying attendees, establishing […]

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