Email marketing tips to boost your Expo Footfalls

Email Marketing Featured Image

As a marketer of an expo App, I have attended numerous expos and have interacted with various expo professionals. One question that I often keep getting asked is whether “e-mail marketing is of any relevance to my booth presence and success at expos?” E-mails are the default business interaction channel today. Almost everyone ends their […]

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Networking at Expos key to strengthening Business Relationships

Networking at Trade Shows

Increasingly, face-to-face exchanges and networking is becoming of greater significance at expos in spite of the growing popularity of online communication and virtual events. Studies reveal that though virtual events and other technologies are growing popular, few marketing methods can compete with the potential of expos. By combining exposure to prospective leads with the ability […]

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Expos: A critical element of the Marketing Mix for B2B Companies

Marketing B2B Companies

As a unique promotion tool, Expos hold a special place in the marketing mix as they provide an intense experience on a multi-sensory level. They allow vendors to speak to potential clients face-to-face and generate qualified leads for increased sales. Expos also give exhibitors a chance to evaluate competition, discover new technologies or possible partners and […]

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