Tips and Tricks to attract visitors to your Exhibition booth

Expos are high stake events where Organizations try a lot of different things to attracts visitors to their booth. It is important to note that 70% of Tips for the Trade Show Boothexpo attendees identify whom to visit before going to the venue. So with B2B organizations spending about 21 to 31.6 percent of their marketing budgets on expos (2011 statista study), it makes sense to come up with some innovative strategies to attract visitors to your booth.

So what is going to be your innovative strategy to attracts visitor to your expo booth?

Here are a few Tricks and Tips for the expo booth to guide you,

Before the Expo

  1. City Guides or Favorite Restaurants: Expos these days are global events. Many of the Exhibitors at expos come from different cities from across the world. They would want to know places to explore or food joints to visit in that particular city while they are exhibiting.So if you are well acquainted with the city, it would make sense for you to prepare city guides or even a list of your favorite restaurants. Advertise on Social media that you have a free City guide or a list of awesome restaurants to visit which can be collected at your booth. Once you have people visiting your booth, it will be a good opportunity to talk to them about your products.
  2. Gift Cards or Vouchers: Giving out a Starbucks or McDonalds voucher or a gift card is something that will always attracts visitors. Ask visitors to stop by your booth for a gift card.
  3. Contest and Rewards: Contests and rewards are always a hit with people. Many Expo Organizers have contests or Lucky draws for Exhibitors. Exhibitors can have their own contest which can be about taking a photo at your booth or simply a voting based contest for the best booth at the Expo. Make sure to let contestants know what the reward will be well in advance.
  4. Gifts dropped off to hotels of the attendees: A small but useful gift with a little note can do wonders. You will have to procure the details of the hotels the Exhibitors are staying in from the expo organizer.


At the Show

  1. Charger station: Everyone is in search of a charger these days. Having a charger station at your booth is a sure shot way of having people line up at your booth.
  2. Photo booth: People love taking pictures of themselves. A photo booth will give them a chance to have some fun as well as take a memorable souvenir along with them. While they wait in a que to take their photos, you will get a chance to interact with them.
  3. Secret lounge behind booth with a mini bar: Expos are busy affairs and a chance to sit down and take a break is a welcome distraction. Couple this with a quick drink and visitors will get a chance to catchup or just mingle with their friends. Don’t miss your chance to interact with them.
  4. Screen with product demos on loop: A product demo is a good way of educating prospects about your product. A screen on your booth with short product demos constantly playing in loop is sure to pike interest of the visitors. This will present a good opportunity for you to interact with the visitors.
  5. Happy Hours or Late night events with prospects and customers: Host your own happy hour or late night event and invite prospects, leads and customers to mingle. This will give your prospects a good chance to engage with your existing customers and give them insights into your product.

These and some other innovative tricks would help you stand out from the crowd. If you have any Tips which you successfully implemented at expos, do share them with us in the comments section.

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