Exhibition booth display trends to watch for in 2016

Expo booth displays have evolved over time, from simple booths to technologically powered lounges. Today organizations are investing heavily in sophisticated booth displays that convey targeted brand messaging. Here’s a quick look at the latest trends in this space.

Trade Show Booth Display Technology is changing the way people communicate on the show floor. Today technology enables the creation of customized content that attendees can interact with in real-time. Take advantage of the latest in touch screens, interactive product demos, floor projections and e-literature systems available to give display booths a true “wow” effect.

Actively incorporate Touchscreens where viable as these are useful for employees managing displays and visitors wanting to interact with the brand. Employees can use touchscreen displays to give virtual tours, update presentations or gather lead information. Attendees can use them to find out more information and engage more deeply with the business.

Expo displays must appeal to a viewer’s imagination and sense of wonder. One way to achieve this is to have layered lighting. Back and side walls, the most frequently neglected areas in a booth, are a missed opportunity. Dramatic backlighting can reinforce brand messaging. Used effectively, lighting draws visitors to the display and creates a subliminal mood that makes it easier to engage with them.

Use personalized presentations to keep attendees interested. Attendees at Expos are constantly bombarded with information that is unrelated to their specific needs. Personalizing information allows visitors to have a more customized experience at a pace that they are comfortable with.

A trend that is fast growing within the Expo industry is the use of Beacons. This technology allows users to receive promotional messages based on location from apps they have downloaded on their phone. A beacon system is able to figure out the location of an attendee on the Expo floor and alert them of neTrade Show Booth Displayarby companies or products.

Expo attendees walk round a lot and are exposed to a lot of stimuli. A lounge with comfy seating and coffee will allow visitors to relax and refresh themselves. A phone charging station and tablets or interactive kiosks will add a dynamic experience. It will also provide booth staff more time to interact with guests as they relax and wait for their phones to charge.

Lastly, there is an increasing trend towards the use of cooler colour tones for exhibits. The use of wood in display design is also making a comeback. Small meeting areas and comfortable seating are being incorporated in more exhibit layouts. Many exhibitor booths are moving toward chic simplicity. Basic colour palettes and smooth lines are replacing more intricate designs. Clean, modern booths let the brand speak for themselves.

Expo displays have come a long way, and this growth is expected to continue as digital technology inspires more innovative and creative Expo display ideas. Staying on trend can give display units a competitive edge and showcase the brand as relevant and forward-thinking.

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