Up The Effectiveness Of Trade Show E-mail Messaging

FindingExhibition Invites E-mail your e-mail box choked with e-blasts from marketers is annoying to say the least. Most people will simply discard emails that look like they originated from an email blast, and even the ones that are opened only rarely prompt the reader to act.

People have come to realise the futility of ill-thought out e-mail blasts. It doesn’t really matter if you are sending e-mails to 10,000 people. What needs to be evaluated is how many are actually going through and reading its contents? The key to greater effectiveness therefore is quality over quantity.

While most people have an aversion to promotional mails that spam their in-boxes, an interesting study by The Principal Financial Group states that even millennials, who have a reputation for hating e-mail, prefer it for commercial communication. No surprises then that e-mail has consistently been listed as the top marketing communications channel according the E-mail Marketing Industry Census 2015 from eConsultancy & Adestra 11b

*Graphs’ Source: http://www.pinpointe.com

One of the best ways to encourage engagement and action in response to an e-mail is to customize the message. People will be drawn to e-mails if they’re getting useful information in a reliable and consistent manner. A recent survey revealed that 94 percent of companies stated that personalization is critical to success. However, many organizations have been exceedingly slow to take up personalization. In fact it has been reported that only 5 percent of companies personalize their communication while approximately 60 percent of marketers admit that they struggle to personalize content in real-time.

Today, easy to use, convenient apps offer multiple personalising options. Before putting together an e-mail it is important to categorize the audience by asking pertinent questions like – Why should people attend the exhibition? What will they gain by investing their time and money? It is useful to build customer personas by using data at hand to group target audiences based on their interests and needs. Segment the audience basis an understanding of which aspects of the event might appeal to specific people.

People can also be grouped geographically (based on where they are located). It is likely that not all your customers are in one location or respond to e-mails at the same time. They may be all around the world, scattered across different time zones, and possibly receiving e-mails at non-optimal times. As with all communication, the timing of e-mails is very important.

Strengthen your communication with thoughtful content, smart keywords and messages. Learn HOW to think like your customer and communicate accordingly. Avoid using teasers as the subject line – keep it clear and brief. Recipients should be able to tell what the e-mail is about without having to figure it out. The e-mail’s layout is important because people tend to scan rather than actually read. Make it clean and engaging and don’t overdo the graphics as toExhibition E-mail Invitationso many images can be distracting and take longer to download.

The effectiveness quotient of e-mail communication can be multiplied by pairing personalized e-mails with landing pages that help to fulfil the call to action. Lead recipients exactly WHERE you want them to go as a result of viewing the email. This gets customers engaged with the business and enhances e-mail marketing strategies. Gartner’s worldwide event team learnt that response rates for e-mails with useful embedded information like links to research findings, podcasts video or analyst interviews were higher than for messages that simply announce an event. Gartner reported a 20 percent increase in click-throughs and an increase in pass-along.

Smart technologies have made it possible for us to personalize invites – an important step toward targeting customers – both existing and potential, more effectively. However, as technology and customer tastes advance the rules for successful e-invites keep evolving too. One constant though is the need to keep it brief and make it interesting and meaningful for the receiver.

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